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Elgin Baylor

Elgin Baylor PDF

NBA Hall of Fame player was an innovator in his sport, a civil rights trailblazer, and a true superstar. He influenced future NBA All Stars such as Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, and is considered by many to be one of the most important players in NBA history. A prolific scorer who baffled opponents with his twists and turns and inventive moves, Baylor was a force both on and off the court for the Minneapolis and Los Angeles Lakers.
In : The Man Who Changed Basketball, Bijan C. Bayne te…


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Introducing Bootstrap 4

Introducing Bootstrap 4 PDF

This book teaches you how to use the front end CSS framework Bootstrap 4 – the newest version. CSS frameworks give front end developers the capability to create responsible or adaptive web designs that overcome the various variations of modern browsers. Bootstrap is the leading CSS framework and gives developers a unique way to create responsive web sites.You will learn how to use all the components of Bootstrap 4 with easy-to-follow instructions and example code snippets. You’ll understand h…


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De novo Molecular Design

De novo Molecular Design PDF

Systematically examining current methods and strategies, this ready reference covers a wide range of molecular structures, from organic-chemical drugs to peptides, Proteins and nucleic acids, in line with emerging new drug classes derived from biomacromolecules. A leader in the field and one of the pioneers of this young discipline has assembled here the most prominent experts from across the world to provide first-hand knowledge. While most of their methods and examples come from the area o…


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IT-Driven Business Models: Global Case Studies in Transformation

IT-Driven Business Models: Global Case Studies in Transformation PDF

A look at business model innovation’s crucial role in today’s global business environment .
Showing organizations how business model innovation should be a key focus area in today’s global economy, this book features cases from businesses around the globe that have developed customized business models and achieved spectacular levels of performance.

Case examples from well-known innovation leaders IKEA, Apple, Tata, SHARP, Saudi Aramco, De Beers, Telefonica, Valero Energy, LEGO, and Proctor…


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WebGL Scenes: Responsive Web Design (Online 3D Media with WebGL Book 4)

WebGL Scenes: Responsive Web Design (Online 3D Media with WebGL Book 4) PDF

“WebGL Scenes: Responsive Web Design” explains how to implement interactive 3D backgrounds which look great on mobile devices and desktop computers.
“WebGL Scenes” covers four topics. First we explain how to display responsive Web design with CSS3 and WebGL. Second we demonstrate responsive interactive Web design with javascript and WebGL. Third we briefly cover how to prepare images for use as 3D background texture maps. Simply swap image files for new 3D scenes. Fourth the book demonstr…


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Movers, Shakers, Mommies, and Makers

Movers, Shakers, Mommies, and Makers PDF

Eleven moms share their stories behind businesses that have grown from side-projects in craft-rooms and garages to nationally recognized brands. The furniture, clothing, toys, carrying wraps, diaper bags, and other products these women create can now be found in stores nationwide, including retailers such as Nordstrom and Walmart.


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T-Force: The Race for Nazi War Secrets, 1945

T-Force: The Race for Nazi War Secrets, 1945 PDF

In 1945, as the Allied forces approached the German border having fought so bravely following the successful Normandy landings, it was decided that an elite unit was needed to work alongside the frontline soldiers as they headed east: they were called Target-Force. Until now their story has never appeared in any histories of the period. Through extensive archival work and after interviewing many of the soldiers who tell their story here for the first time, historian Sean Longden can final…