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Art and the Empire City

Art and the Empire City PDF

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy faces multiple challenges in the new millennium. How can it organize, teach and offer therapy in ways that are relevant to the diverse complex and social and cultural groups of people who seek psychological help? How should it adapt to demands for accountability and evidence? How can it cope in a climate of competition and market share? Should it cleave to medicine or abandon it? Define itself as a science or an art or an ethical practice?


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Logic Colloquium ’02: Lecture Notes in Logic 27

Logic Colloquium ’02: Lecture Notes in Logic 27 PDF

Logic Colloquium ’02 includes articles from some of the world’s preeminent logicians. The topics span all areas of mathematical logic, but with an emphasis on Computability Theory and Proof Theory. This book will be of interest to graduate students and researchers in the field of mathematical logic.


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Reflective Interviewing: A Guide to Theory and Practice

Reflective Interviewing: A Guide to Theory and Practice PDF

Offering a theoretically-informed guide for researchers learning how to interview in the social sciences, this book provides a practical approach to interviewing, helping researchers to learn about themselves as interviewers in ways that will inform the design, conduct, analysis, and representation of interview data. The author takes the reader through the practicalities of designing and conducting an interview study, and relates various forms of interview to different underlying epistemologi…


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Skin Shots – April/May 2017

Skin Shots – April/May 2017 PDF

Tattoo art from around the world. Skin Shots International is a sister title to Skin Deep, which is meant as a ‘reference’ magazine featuring top quality tattoo work from around the globe. Also included is a Directory of many UK and International tattoo studios to help you hunt down your next masterpiece. Being a ‘Pictorial’ magazine, Skin Shots breaks down the language barriers.


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Foreign Aid and Emerging Powers: Asian Perspectives on Official Development Assistance (Routledge Explorations in Development Studies)

Foreign Aid and Emerging Powers: Asian Perspectives on Official Development Assistance (Routledge Explorations in Development Studies) PDF

Current debates on emerging powers as foreign aid donors often fail to examine the myriad geopolitical, geoeconomic and geocultural tensions that influence policies of Official Development Assistance (ODA). This book advocates a regional geopolitical approach to explaining donor-donor relationships and provides a multidisciplinary critical assessment of the contemporary debates on emerging powers and foreign aid, bringing together economic and geopolitical approaches in the light of the 2015…


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Measurement and Geometry in Upper Primary School

Measurement and Geometry in Upper Primary School PDF

This book is the fourth – and final – publication in the TAL project series. This TAL project was initiated by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, with the aim to improve the quality of mathematics education by providing a perspective on didactic goals and learning-teaching trajectories, and on the relationship between them.
The focus of this book is on measurement and geometry in the upper grades of primary education. Measurement and geometry are important topics which …


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Sidney Gottlieb – Roberto Rossellini’s Rome Open City

Sidney Gottlieb – Roberto Rossellini’s Rome Open City PDF

Roberto Rossellini's Rome Open City instantly and permanently changed the landscape of film history. Made at the end of World War II, the film has been credited with initiating a revolution in and reinvention of modern cinema. This volume offers an original overview of the production history of Rome Open City; some of its key images, the complexity of its political dimensions, and the legacy of the film in public consciousness. It serves as an accessible introduction to one of the major a…


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Full Stack Python Guide to Deployments

Full Stack Python Guide to Deployments PDF

Learn everything you need to know to deploy Python web applications to a server. In each chapter, we’ll perform a manual deployment to fully understand what we’re doing, then automate each step with Fabric and Ansible.
Throughout the book we’ll take an example open source Python web application through a complete deployment on a virtual private server.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Servers (Linode, Fabric)
Chapter 3: Operating Systems (Ubuntu, Ansible)
Chapter 4: Web …


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Voglio Morire! Suicide in Italian Literature, Culture, and Society 1789-1919

Voglio Morire! Suicide in Italian Literature, Culture, and Society 1789-1919 PDF

The theme of suicide was of paramount importance in Italy in the long nineteenth century, from the French revolution to the outbreak of World War I. A number of writers, intellectuals, politicians, and artists wrote about suicide, and a very high number of people killed themselves, for several reasons. There were suicides for love and for homeland, suicides for despair, and suicides for ennui. In Italy, once a very traditional, Catholic country, where suicide was very uncommon and rarely trea…